Every Day I’m Bloggin’

Welcome to my brand-new blog! This is mostly going to be a place for me to put down thoughts about the books I’ve purchased/borrowed and read, but hopefully one day it will grow into a bigger site where I can do giveaways, etc. I won’t be reviewing every book I read, because good lord, I have to do things like work, sleep and eat. Most of what I review will be things that I really loved or found profound or unique in some way. Ideally I’ll have a new post up a few times a week. They won’t all be reviews but they will with few exceptions be book-related.

Please look around and please follow me via RSS, email, etc. Every time I get a new follower, a kitten gets its wings.

There will probably be a bunch of reviews posted pretty quickly once I get things up and running, and no, I don’t read that fast. I’ve been collecting reviews for a little while now while I pondered whether or not book blogging was something I wanted to start doing. And apparently it is, because here I am. Reviews to come!

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