New Year, New Ratings System

Happy New Year!

After giving it some thought I am going to implement a new ratings system to go with my reviews. Usually I just throw in a “recommended” or “highly recommended” or whatever at the end of a review, but I’d like a way to be more specific about how I felt about a given book. I don’t recommend every “recommended” book equally, for example. Therefore, I am excited to announce the new Attack the Stacks rating system! It goes from 1-5 as follows:

5 – Awesomesauce
4 – I Like It Very Much
3 – Even Steven
2 – Not My Bag, Baby
1 – Do Not Want

Obviously a book that scores a 5 is one that I love more than my luggage.  A book that gets a 1 will generally be one that I didn’t like at all (I won’t be rating DNF books because I don’t think it’s fair to do so), but it’ll occasionally be a book that I was lukewarm on the entire way through but drops a shitbomb on me at the end after I’ve slogged through 300+ pages. I don’t expect a ton of 1s or 5s to be honest. I tend to be picky about what I read to begin with so I’m generally pretty sure I’m going to like something going in, and I try not to hand out 5s too freely.

I tend to rate books more on emotional reaction than any kind of critical analysis, so that’s something to keep in mind. A 1 or a 2 isn’t meant as an insult to the author, it’s just how a book affected me (or didn’t affect me)personally. And I’m not going to insult or trash somebody’s work just because I didn’t like it. I’ll clearly and honestly state why a book didn’t work for me and that it’s just my personal opinion. After all, a book that I’d like to drop in acid or see eaten by sharks may well end up to be someone else’s favorite book of all time.

I’ll be doing half-star ratings as well. So 3.5, for example, would be Even Steven and a Half. The fact that Goodreads (and Netflix, come to think of it) doesn’t allow for half-star ratings makes me want to flip over a bus full of elderly tourists. Just maddening. The ability to give half star ratings should be required by law.


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  1. Totally in agreement with you regarding half stars. It drives me crazy Goodreads isn’t on board with this. The difference between a 3 star and a 4 star rating is often huge. At least in my mind. I do half stars in my reviews as well.


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