Bookish New Years Goals

I’m not the New Years resolution type. I never keep them so I don’t even bother making them anymore. I am going to set some book related goals for the upcoming year, though, because I do need some things to aim for. Nothing too crazy. I’m a notorious underachiever.

  1. Read more contemporary books, both YA and adult. I have a tendency to sway toward paranormal, dystopian, etc. and I want to break out of my comfort zone a little.
  2. Stop trying to force myself get through books I’m not enjoying. It’s a big world with lots of books. My to-read pile could easily bury a medium-sized child if it were to fall over. If my boyfriend ever turns up missing I’ll make sure to check that the pile hasn’t toppled before I write that angsty country song. If I am not enjoying myself at a reasonable point in the book, I’m putting it down and moving on.
  3. I will return my library books on time. Honestly, grow up. At one point in time my fees were over $125. No, that’s not a typo. In my defense, it was when I was moving and like an idiot I put them into a box and couldn’t find them for a while. Then I returned most of them (it was a huge stack) but accidentally left one rattling around in my trunk for like another month before I realized it was in there. And the one left in the trunk? Twilight. Which I didn’t even bother to read while I had it checked out. So basically, I was biased against Twilight from the get-go because it cost me a fortune. The point is, nobody should have to use a chunk of their tax return to pay their library fees.
  4. Get into more of a blogging mindset while I read and while I write reviews. I’d like my reviews to be a little more interesting/have more character and sound more like something written with my own voice, but it’s a fine line. The reviews for the Twilight books? Uber-snark. That’s all me. When I read back, some others seem really vanilla. It’s like I didn’t even write them, they’re just ….bland. I want to find a happy medium – somewhat professional, but still me. I know that’s something that will happen the more comfortable I get with blogging.
  5. Try, try to get into audiobooks. It would be so amazing if I could do it but I always find my mind wandering. Maybe I should try listening somewhere other than while I’m at work.
  6. Grow the blog. This is prob an obvious one. It’s going frustratingly slowly because hey – I’m AWESOME and more people should know it and read my shit and subscribe to it and frolic in a field of flowers every time they open the Google Reader and one of my posts kicks them in the ass. I understand that this will take time, though. I know some people get into blogging for the free books (and let’s not kid ourselves, that’s a mega perk). That wasn’t my reason. I genuinely like interacting with people. It fascinates me that there are people out there in other places who share my interest in reading and have cool things to say about books and recommendations to make. I have a really awesome group of friends that I met online on another site not related to books and I’d love to meet more amazing people. As much of a snarky curmudgeon as I am, when I meet someone who I actually like/share a common interest with it’s like hitting the lottery. And by that I of course mean that coins shoot out of my various orifices. All the more reason to follow me. It’ll happen, I just need to be patient.
  7. Buy the domain. Pay someone to make my blog pretty. Because let’s be honest, the generic wordpress templates are for the birds. And not the badass tropical birds that have bright colors and do rad mating dances where they get all puffy like the ones on Planet Earth. I mean the birds that fly down your chimney and get trapped in your house and then you have to spend three hours trying to get them out the door while they careen into your closed windows and shit all over your furniture, and you’re screaming, screaming in terror…not that it’s ever happened to me. Twice. My budget it always tight because I spend way more money on hockey tickets/parking/concessions than a logical person with my salary should, but I think this will be a necessary investment later this year. Maybe over the summer, since it’s hockey off-season.

I could probably add a few more but I think I’ll stick with just these. It’s more do-able this way.

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  1. Great goals! I know you can do all of them. 🙂


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