Waiting on Wednesday: Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith

Publication Date: April 10, 2012

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, comes UNHOLY NIGHT, the next evolution in dark historical revisionism.

They’re an iconic part of history’s most celebrated birth. But what do we really know about the Three Kings of the Nativity, besides the fact that they followed a star to Bethlehem bearing strange gifts? The Bible has little to say about this enigmatic trio. But leave it to Seth Grahame-Smith, the brilliant and twisted mind behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to take a little mystery, bend a little history, and weave an epic tale.

In Grahame-Smith’s telling, the so-called “Three Wise Men” are infamous thieves, led by the dark, murderous Balthazar. After a daring escape from Herod’s prison, they stumble upon the famous manger and its newborn king. The last thing Balthazar needs is to be slowed down by young Joseph, Mary and their infant. But when Herod’s men begin to slaughter the first born in Judea, he has no choice but to help them escape to Egypt.

It’s the beginning of an adventure that will see them fight the last magical creatures of the Old Testament; cross paths with biblical figures like Pontius Pilate and John the Baptist; and finally deliver them to Egypt. It may just be the greatest story never told.

Why am I waiting on this one?
Because while I’ve not read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I loved loved loved Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter so freaking hard. My degree is in History – an awesomely interesting field with absolutely no hope of ever making any money – so I big puffy heart revisionist history stuff. While I am not a religious person whatsoever and if there are such things as karmic retribution or godsmacks I will likely be struck down at random one day in the very near future, how freaking cool is the idea of the Three Wise Men being badass thieves/assassins on the run? And they fight magical creatures. WHAT?

Sign me up.

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  1. I read P&P&Z and LOVED it. I’m a fan but not a purist about P&P, so a send-up doesn’t bother me (and my husband read Abe: Vampire but I only read snippets). What I loved about this author is you could tell he understood P&P and the diversions made sense with who the characters were. I read a few other Quirk books adaptations: Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters for example, and couldn’t get through them. Parody can be difficult to pull off; you have to respect the original work, not just add in a bunch of creatures.

    So, thank you for letting me know about his new work, I hadn’t heard of it.

  2. This does sound like a cool idea. Hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it!

  3. chimneywriter

     /  January 11, 2012

    It certainly does sound like an awesome idea! I may have to check this on out myself. 🙂

    Isn’t Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter going to be made into a movie? I thought I heard that somewhere, but I could just be remembering something wrong.

  4. Yes! It is being made into a movie. I think it comes out in June some time.


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