I’m as happy as a little girl…

…because the awesome Heather at The Flyleaf Review nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you soooo much, I am seriously grateful. And also amazed, I haven’t been doing this very long. So obviously Heather is a great humanitarian and we should all be: a) reading her blog; and b) possibly taking up a collection to erect a statue in her honor.

And now for the fun stuff! A link to some blogs I visit on the daily, which are full of great stuff and run by people who seem to be pretty awesome (aside from Heather, who I’ve already mentioned is totes awesome and uber-readable).

  1. Molli at Once Upon a Prologue – Molli’s reviews are super articulate and very helpful when deciding which books to read. And she’s really involved in the blogging community and helping bloggers get to know one another.
  2. Giselle at Xpresso Reads – Giselle has a really big following and its not hard to see why. She’s super prolific when it comes to writing reviews (many of which are for books I don’t see other places, which I love!) and not stingy with the giveaways. She’s also the first person who ever commented on my blog when I first started it, and it was really motivating to have someone with such a big following comment on my little old blog!
  3. Andrea at The Bookish Babes – Andrea is a riot and has a wicked snarky sense of humor, which is something that I enjoy a great deal. And her blog is pretty awesome too!
  4. Jessica at Hackaroo’s Reviews – Another with an awesome sense of humor, and her blog is just so darn pretty and clean. And I’m totally jealous of her sparkly red stars.

And if any of these blogs are award-free zones, please accept my apologies for being a lazyass and not checking that out upfront. You are hereby absolved of paying it forward (I think I can do that since I’m nominating you, right?).

And since this is also apparently part of the rules, 7 things about me:

  1. I once mistook a burning charcoal grill for a chair and sat down in it. No, it wasn’t dark and no, I wasn’t drunk (sadly). Yes, it was hot and yes, it burned my ass. Fortunately it didn’t leave any permanent scars.
  2. I was nearly killed as a tween when I barreled down the side of a mountain on a runaway bicycle with no brakes. I was saved from certain death when I flew off the end of a dock into a lake. This really happened.
  3. I didn’t like my old neighbors, so I let my dogs poop in their yard. I also used to purposely let my (friendly but large) dogs out when their kids would sled ride in my yard without asking because I knew that it would scare the hell out of them. The dogs would go running right for them in search of petting and the kids would flee screaming, which of course only made the dogs want to chase them even harder because hey, fun game! I stood in my doorway and cackled maniacally every time. (For the record, I’m not an evil shrew – I didn’t feel bad because these kids repeatedly damaged my fence and their parents repeatedly ignored my polite requests to have their spawn ASK ME before using my yard and, you know, stop destroying my shit. For the record, this was not the same neighbor I had to have arrested for stalking. This also really happened.)
  4. If I ruled the world, everyone would be given 20 “free slaps” at birth. These slaps could be used at a person’s own discretion and would allow an individual to slap another person in the face with no retaliation (unless, of course, the slapee wanted to use one of their slaps and slap the slapper back). You’d have to really pick and choose where and when to use them, because once your 20 slaps were gone, there would be no more given.
  5. The most embarrassing moment I can remember is pulling dirty underwear out of the leg of my pants in the middle of campus at Penn State. I had gotten up late for class (again) and just put on the jeans I had worn the day before, which somehow ended up with my used drawers shoved down inside the leg. I could feel something rubbing/annoying me so I reached up inside the leg and just pulled them out. Ta-da! I’m nothing if not classy. On the embarrassment scale this is followed closely by a projectile vomiting incident in Panera Bread after a long night of drinking. You’d think sitting in a hot charcoal grill in front of a number of people or flying off a dock into a lake on a bicycle in front of a gaggle of vacationers would be my most embarrassing moments, but those barely crack the top five – I do a lot of embarrassing shit.
  6. Someday I want to start an 80s cover band called Members Only. My friend Stephanie is going to play the drums, but I need to figure out which instrument I want to learn to play. I’m leaning toward either the musical saw or the tuba.
  7. I am on the National Marrow Donor program registry, so I may have the opportunity to donate bone marrow at some point in the future if they are able to find a matching recipient.

Please take a few minutes and check out the blogs I listed, if you’re not already reading them. It’ll be well worth your time!


ETA: and like a loser, I totally forgot one that I wanted to add. Steph at A Girl and Her Diary.  You go now!

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  1. Awesome seven random things! And you introduced me to 2 new blogs, mission accomplished:)


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