Tune In Tuesday: Pittsburgh Playlist Edition

Welcome to my first ever Tune in Tuesday! As you can see by the stylish button above, TiT (I’ll never abbreviate that again) is hosted by Ginger at GReads and features some genuinely awesome music from book bloggers all over the interwebs.

It’s a random playlist edition and I wasn’t sure which way to go with it, so I decided to keep it simple and go with a PITTSBURGH theme (ftr, these are all on my woefully underused workout playlist as well). Yay Pittsburgh! Anyone who knows me knows that I am totes in love with my hometown and even though it’s sometimes scorned by people who don’t know any better, it’s a seriously awesome place to live and it’s a really beautiful city.

See? For reals.

Aside from being the home of Mr. Rogers, it’s also had a bit of a surge in producing music artists that are actually cool in recent years (not that Bret Michaels and Christina Aguilera aren’t cool…ok, they’re really not). And while I spend about 90% of my music listening time tuned into either Sirius XM U, Alt Nation or First Wave, I am occasionally a Backspin kind of girl as well. I like some hip-hop and dance music. And it’s a good thing, or this Pittsburgh playlist would be really short. Like, zero songs. And so, without further ado…

First up is Girl Talk, which is the stage name of local guy Gregg Gillis. He graduated from the same high school as my parents, which means the school has at least three cool alumni (I have to say this in case my mother is reading).  He’s known for his mash-ups  – seriously, if you have some time look up how many songs he mashes together to make even one of his songs – and his rather enthusiastic live shows in which he strips down to pretty much nothing. Here are my two favorite songs of his, both from the album Feed the Animals (oh, and everything on this playlist is NSFW so proceed with caution):

Girl Talk – Shut the Club Down

Girl Talk – Here’s the Thing

You can’t have a true Pittsburgh playlist without including Wiz Khalifa’s love letter to the city.  I think the only thing Wiz loves more than his weed is Pittsburgh.

Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow

And then there’s the catchiest song EVER EVER by the barely legal Mac Miller. He & Wiz Khalifa actually went to the same high school, albeit not at the same time. Pittsburgh Public School Alumni FTW!

Mac Miller – Knock Knock

If you have more interest in the city of Pittsburgh I recommend checking out my Pinterest board Yinzers N’at and/or the amazing photography site Pittsburgh Skyline.

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  1. My husband and his whole family are from Pittsburgh. 🙂 I’ll have to show him this post. I like this meme.


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