Happy 4th of July!

To my fellow American book lovers, happy July 4th! Be sure to celebrate in the traditional American way – eat many grilled things, have far too much liquor, and end up in the emergency room after setting yourself on fire while trying to blow up a tree stump.

To celebrate, I give you some pictures of my fair city looking all pretty and decked out. If there’s one thing Pittsburghers love (aside from the Steelers, Primanti Brothers sandwiches, and being really terrible at driving in the snow despite living in the northeast) it’s fireworks.

by Charness, via Flickr

random find on pinterest, not taken by me

via Ron Janoski, whoever he may be.

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  1. lolololol!! My friends and I use to have firework battles, shooting rockets and roman candles at each other. Because we were smart.

  2. fire works are prohibited in the little touristy developement. 500 dolla fine bitches! We were sly though and lit some sparklers. we were gonna take Aubrey to see a display, but the one at lake harmony is tonight. at TEN! Which isn’t too late for me, but peanut would be passed out in the back of the car. So alas, none of that.

    I love the credit you gave at the end for the pictures. Who ever that may be. lol.

    HOpe you had a great one!


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