Doin’ It Dirty Goals Post

Hello! Welcome to my Doin’ It Dirty Goals post. I didn’t plan on signing up for a genre-specific readathon in the near future since I have so freaking many books to read as it is, but this one is: a) short, only 12 hours or so; and b) too fun to pass up. So here I go, starting late due to dumb old work interfering in my reading plans.

Also, as an aside, am I the only one who has the song Ridin’ Dirty stuck in my head due to this readathon?

Anyway, my goals:

  1. Broaden my horizons. I have always read mostly paranormal & dystopian type stuff so I’m branching out. I’ve been reading more contemporaries and thanks to Sexy Summer Saturdays I’ve been trying to do more smutty reading as well.
  2. Read enough books to use for my next few Sexy Summer Saturdays posts. I need to get crackin’ because I’ve been slacking. And I swear I didn’t intend for that to rhyme.
  3. Try at least two authors. I really haven’t found my niche in erotica yet (I don’t hate it or dislike it or anything, it just doesn’t scream READ ME at this point).
  4. Have a drink in one hand, a dirty book in the other, and a baseball game on tv.

I prob won’t be writing reviews tonight for most of them since I’m so late already getting started. I will do one so that I can post it on the blog tomorrow & I’ll just jot down some notes on the others so I can write reviews later.


I’ll try to update both this post and twitter (DoinItDirty)

Off to read the dirty books!

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  1. Yay! for smutting it up! hHave fun, Karen:)


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