Top Ten Tuesday: Posts That Are Totally Me

I’m missing my fun graphic because I’m putting this together at work. Sad trombone. But this is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, so…ok then.

The top ten posts that describe me is kind of a tough one. Don’t get me wrong, I know myself pretty well, but finding ten posts that scream “misanthropic curmudgeon” isn’t easy. Just kidding. But not really. So here we go!

Number one has to be my post on Why YA? since it pretty much sums up why my blog even exists in the first place, and why I love to read YA.

This one on What I’ve Learned As a Blog Toddler reflects on life as an in-between blogger – not a total noob, but not super established.

The posts that kind of got me some notice early on and helped me meet some genuinely awesome people: my reviews for the Twilight series, which start off somewhat snarkily optimistic and quickly head down a shame spiral. I Am No Longer The Last Person on Earth Who Hasn’t Read Twilight; In Which I Read New Moon and React Violently; Well, That Happened: My Eclipse Review. I have yet to find within myself the intestinal fortitude to read Breaking Dawn but I’ve heard it’s, like, off the rails crazy. I did live blog the first Twilight movie, though: Review/live-ish blog of the Twilight Movie. Kill Me Now.

I also reacted violently to 50 Shades of Gray: Review of the book in which the world’s two most annoying people have thoroughly unsexy sex. Repeatedly. 18+

My favorite meme has to be my I Got Class(ics) reviews, which are nearly always reviews of Christopher Pike books.

And since it gives an idea of what I’m like outside of my reading tastes, a random selection from my Tune In Tuesday posts.

Please link me to your posts, I’m always in the market for new stalkees.

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  1. *pinches your cheek* You lovable old curmudgeon, you! I love each of the posts you listed. They are an excellent representation of your blog and (I think) you.
    Thanks for sharing, lady!

  2. Good for you! I love the titles of your posts. Fabulous!

  3. AS I get to know you better, I think you clearly represent who you are in your posts. 🙂 Maybe minus the pervy side. LOL

  4. I LOVE the description “misanthropic curmudgeon” because being a curmudgeon is sort of a joke between my friend and me. I still haven’t read Twilight and don’t really plan to but feel like I already know everything about it. I really like posts where people talk about why they YA and yours is fantastic. 😀

  5. I LOL’ed SO HARD at your Twilight reviews awhile back. (For your sanity, just skip BD. It’s one of only 2 books I have EVER physically abused via throwing them across the room.) Off to check out your 50 Shades review now. It’s terrible that I haven’t read that book yet I love mocking it. I just don’t think I could do it! You’re braver than I am, Karen!

    Love ya!


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