On Vacation!

It’s finally here…we are packing up the family Truckster and headed to the lake for a Griswold Family Vacation! Yes, it’s a family vacation. Two parents, two adult children, one boyfriend, one daughter-in-law, one grandma, five dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. The cabin rental comes with a pontoon boat, so I plan to spend most of the week anchored in the middle of the lake with a book in one hand and some kind of fruity drink in the other (while repeatedly and obnoxiously quoting the movie The Great Outdoors – “What in the hell are you gonna do with a pontoon boat, re-take Omaha Beach?”). I’ll also be slathered in sunscreen from head to toe, as I am descended from a long line of Irish people who can’t even think about the sun without turning an angry shade of fuschia.

I still have posts scheduled for the week so please still drop by, but I won’t be tweeting and I most likely won’t be able to respond to comments or make any reciprocating blog visits until next week. Until then, I’ll be here:

Photo by Michelle Joseph-Long via Flickr

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  1. Have a great time and get lots of reading done!!!!

  2. Awesome. I freaking love The Great Outdoors. A few years ago I was tubing at the lake and had that moment when Dan Akroyd was pulling John Candy and Candy’s like “Slow down, you bastard!” and Akroyd’s like “Did he say ‘go faster’? ” good times.

    I miss you already!


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