Review: The Girl is Trouble by Kathryn Miller Haines

The Girl is Trouble
By Kathryn Miller Haines
336 Pages
Published by Roaring Brook Press
Publication Date: July 3, 2012
Source: Library

From Goodreads:

Iris Anderson and her father have finally come to an understanding. Iris is allowed to help out at her Pop’s detective agency as long as she follows his rules and learns from his technique. But when Iris uncovers details about her mother’s supposed suicide, suddenly Iris is thrown headfirst into her most intense and personal case yet.

** May contain spoilers to The Girl is Murder**

The Girl is Trouble is the second book in The Girl is Murder series. I reviewed the first book, which I liked a lot, here.

Many of the characters from the first book are back, and there is a new character or two thrown into the mix as well. Iris is just as sassy & snappy as she was previously, and now that she’s officially sanctioned to be a girl detective working with her father she manages to find herself new precarious situations to get into and mysteries to solve – primarily, what happened to her own mother. She takes finding out what happened into her own hands and ends up discovering some pretty surprising things about her own family.

As in the previous book, the 1940s references here are SO AWESOME. As I said in my review of The Girl is Murder, I’m in love with everything about the 1940s. Kathryn Miller Haines really nails the references and the feeling of the time period – or at least, to the best of my knowledge she does, since I wasn’t actually alive at the time. There is quite a bit of Nazi intrigue thrown in here and it’s not gratuitous period-setting, it actually plays in quite heavily to the story, particularly with Iris’s family being Jewish.

The relationships between characters are more complicated in this book than in the first. Whereas Murder was a pretty straightforward mystery, this sees a lot more character development and tension created between characters. That said, the mystery aspect of the story is still excellent. If I had a complaint it would be that I still don’t love Pearl, and while it’s not necessary to love every character in the book, sidekicks are usually a lot more likeable. She’s tough to root for.

Much like Murder, this is a great period piece with a good mystery and (mostly) likeable characters. It almost felt to me like something out of a Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, what with the Nazis and the time period. Definitely recommended for lovers of the 1940s and/or girl detectives. If there are more books in this series I’ll definitely be picking them up. And since the author is from Western PA, she gets bonus points from me!

4/5 Stars

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  1. Oooh I may have to go back to the first one! I adore the 1940s and this looks great!!


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