I Got Class(ics): Scavenger Hunt by Christopher Pike

I Got Class(ics) is a meme hosted by me here at Attack the Stacks in which I re-visit classics from my childhood/teen years and see if the nostalgia value holds. The name is punny, because I have very little class. Today I’ll be discussing the joys of another Christopher Pike novel. Fair warning: there will be spoilers.

Scavenger Hunt
By Christopher Pike
215 Pages
By Archway Paperbacks
Originally published 1989
Source: Library

From Goodreads:

School is almost over, and a secretive club on campus has organized a scavenger hunt for the whole senior class. The kids are led throughout the city and into the nighttime desert. Their goal is the wonderful prize promised to the winner. But for Carl, a troubled young man who has recently lost his best friend, the hunt will become a nightmare.

Here we go, in the usual bullet point style!

  • Let it be said that this is the first book in Pike’s catalog where he genuinely goes completely off-the rails batshit. Just like, complete outer space crazy talk. I don’t remember reading this one when I was younger unlike most of his books – and believe me when I say I’d remember reading this one – and the further on I went the more I was like “Um, what?”
  • In one scene, Davey is wearing “tight white slacks and a red half-button shirt.” O M GOD. Really? Was this the late 80s or the height of the disco era? Is this Davey?

Carl’s goal is Stayin’ Alive. Get it? Pun.

  • In typical dumb dude fashion, Carl is lusting after the hot/slutty girl who ends up nearly murdering him while ignoring the cute, sweet girl who is willing to risk her life for him. Which only leads me to believe that he’s not worth risking his life over, but hey, what do I know?
  • There are two scenes of animal murder in this book that are SO UNCALLED FOR. NO THANK YOU ON ANIMAL MURDER, PLEASE. Authors: nobody really likes this. Kill all the dumb guys and slutty girls you want, but I have to take a stand against animal killing.
  • Let me ask this question – who in the name of holy balls actually skinny dips in their own pool in front of a group of dudes? Answer: nobody. And if you find a girl who does this, be sure to bring your Valtrex as well as your water wings.
  • Does anyone else know that movie from the 80s called Midnight Madness? It was about a college scavenger hunt with all kinds of opposing stereotypical groups – jocks, nerds, delinquents, an unpopular sorority full of overweight twins and a woman who had a disturbing bowl hair cut, etc. It was Michael J. Fox’s first movie? No? Not ringing any bells? Well first of all, find it and watch it. It is AWESOME in terms of 80s nostalgia and actually a pretty funny movie. Second of all, this book kind of reminded me of a mean-spirited Midnight Madness, except instead of a Pee-Wee Herman cameo role it has people getting brutally murdered as human sacrifices.
  • At one point it’s mentioned that nobody in town can afford a CD player. OK, fine, they were probably still kind of pricey when this book was written (although I was like 12 and I had one, but whatever). The technology was still fairly new at that point. But apparently nobody can afford musical instruments either, so I guess they’re basically living in a shantytown or a Hooverville.
  • Hints of incest. No please. Even though it doesn’t actually turn out to be incest. Or probably not. It’s really pretty unclear. Still gross.
  • LIZARD PEOPLE? Srsly? You’re killin’ me, smalls.  Actually, that’s fairly tame compared to what I was pretty sure was going to happen based on events. I legit thought that they were going to turn out to be dinosaurs disguised as people. Or maybe they were and I was just so confused at that point that I don’t fully understand what was going on.
  • Things got kind of religious-y at the end and it made me uncomfortable. I’m all for freedom of whatever but in a book about a scavenger hunt run by lizard people collecting victims for their human sacrifices to keep them immortal it just seemed a little out of place.

Still love, you C-Pike.


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