Review Policy

Mumbo jumbo and disclaimers and all that:

Most of the books I review here will be either from Netgalley, purchased with my own funds or borrowed from my local library, but if you are interested in having me read/review your book please contact me at . Please note that I am NOT currently accepting review requests from indie/self-pub authors UNLESS I have worked with the author in the past or the author is referred by a friend (as part of a blog tour they are hosting, for example). Hopefully this will change at some point, but for right now I have too much on my plate.

My preferred genres are some combo of the following: YA (this genre constitutes probably 90% of the reviews you will see here), adult fiction, horror/thriller, some categories non-fiction, dystopian, paranormal (including paranormal romance), urban fantasy and historical fiction. I do not review any of the following: politics (fiction or non-fiction), religious (fiction or non-fiction, any religion), general romance, or biographies/memoirs.

Reviews will be posted both here and on GoodReads, and I will post to Amazon upon request. Turnaround time will vary depending on my bookload and personal workload (in other words, how much of my time is being taken up by my home life and the job that actually pays me).  If it’s an ARC that would need to be reviewed in advance of the book release that is definitely taken into account and I will do my best to be accommodating. Please understand that my accepting an ARC, ebook or finished copy is not a guarantee that I will read/review your book, but I do try to only accept books that I plan on reviewing.

Please be advised that all reviews here at Attack the Stacks will be my honest opinion. If I genuinely dislike a book and can’t find anything positive to say or do not finish it, I reserve the right not to review it.

I prefer hard copies (finished or ARC) or eBooks in mobi format, but can accept any format able to be converted to mobi.

Please note that while I will never profit from your book in any way, I may give it away after reading it in the form of a giveaway prize or donation to my local library unless you specifically request that I do not do so.

And for the legal types at the FTC or whatever, I’ll never exchange a good review for cash or prizes. I like integrity more than I like money, much to the chagrin of my bank account.

Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks!

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